Fantastic Membership to master Shorinji Kempo and get a Black Belt

What does it mean to become a member of Camden Shorinji Kempo? And why should you become one?

As a Camden Shorinji Kempo Member, you get first access to every event that we put on. You get to vote on our actions at our AGM and benefit from the huge discounts that we offer!

We run around 90 in-person classes a year. We sometimes take a little break over the holidays. All our club instructors volunteer their time and occasionally when they are all away we have an array of amazing guest instructors from across London.

Since starting the club, we’ve: run full-day seminars (where we learned to use long staffs or shakajos), been featured onscreen at Piccadilly Circus, hosted a Halloween Special class (complete with Zombie outfits), visited clubs across Europe including Bristol, Messina Sicily and Lisbon, run first aid classes and organised a gender-neutral tournament (taikai).

A Camden membership also gives you exclusive access to our original literature, videos and the Kempo content that we produce. We also discount the price of our merchandise.

Our members are the reason that Camden Shorinji Kempo keeps going! Your membership fees pay for our exciting events, courses, club administrator and most importantly room hire.

Training at our fabulous Sunday training venue – Holborn Community Hall
Our members casting their votes at our AGM, 2019.

Membership fees

Find the kind of membership that works for you! You can be an annual, half-yearly or quarterly member,

If you are new you can try our classes for a month – make sure that you try out a class with us.

Any questions email

We can’t wait for you to be part of our community.

2024PriceDiscounted Club VotingDiscounts
Year £330£225YesYes
Half Year£168£112YesYes
3 Months£90£55YesYes
1 Month£50£25NoNo
Single Session£12£5NoNo
First Month (trial)£20£10NoNo

If you would like to grade and get your black belt (you can do it), or even if you don’t, you will also have to buy BSKF Insurance (£55 per year) directly from our Federation – Read more.

We are the first to understand the financial ups and downs we all experience, if you need to access the discounts or spread payments please email with your request, we do not ask for proof –

If you are student you can request our discounted price of check out SOAS Shorinji Kempo which is run by our Co-Founder Sensei Ofelia. Email for more details