Keeping safe

Training safely with Camden Kempo

At Camden Shorinji Kempo we are committed to keeping you safe. Our Health and Safety Officer (elected at our January 2021 AGM) oversees all aspects of the club’s safety. This includes conducting risk assessments, sourcing first aid equipment and making sure all members are aware of our safeguarding protocols.

As we practice a full contact martial arts, it is possible that you will collect some bruises when training with a partner. However, by following our rules and the BSKF Guidelines we can both stay safe and train hard!

The BSKF “Guidelines for Effective Training” remind us:

  1. Train at your own level
    • If you feel tired, overwhelmed or in any pain then please stop! It is always okay to ask the instructor to slow down, or to take some time out.
  2. Clean Dogi’s
    • One way that we show respect when training in-person is by making sure we wear clean training clothes.
    • Tie up long hair, remove jewellery and keep your nails short. This prevents you harming a partner by accidentally scratching them, or getting tangled when we practice grappling!

COVID-19 and Online Training

All training during the pandemic is in keeping with Government guidelines. When possible, we provide socially distanced training for a limited number of participants. These in-person classes will take palce at the Oxford Tavern or in the park. All in-person sessions are undertaken after a risk assessment by our Health and Safety Officer. When we cannot train in-person, we offer three online classes per week.

Our Online Classes started because of the first 2020 lockdown and have become a regular part of our training. All online classes start with circuit training and then focus on single-form techniques, getting rid of bodily tension and on the philosophy of Shorinji Kempo.

Returning to in-person classes

Camden Shorinji Kempo is continuing to train safely with three online classes every week. We are all very excited about the possibility of returning to in-person classes at the Oxford Tavern or the park as soon as it becomes safe to do so.

We are a proud LGBTQ+club and will always strive to welcome everyone through our online and hopefully real doors soon! We will continue in our efforts to get fit and practise self-defence and mindfulness together.

Inclusivity at Camden Kempo

Did you know that – One in five LGBT young people (18 to 24) experienced discrimination while exercising at a fitness club or at a sport group? Or that 3 in 10 trans people have been discriminated against while exercising at a fitness club or taking part in group sport (Stonewall)

As part of our pledge to make Shorinji Kempo more inclusive at Camden Shorinji Kempo we:

  • always strive to use your preferred gender pronouns
  • have gender-neutral toilets available at Camden Dance Academy
  • are able to offer hardship discounts that do not require proof
  • can organise British Sigh Language translators at no extra cost
  • provide wheelchair access via the ground floor of Camden Dance Academy. If you make use of a wheelchair please let us know as we can move our training to be accessible
  • we never place any expectation on you to drink alcohol. Our in-person classes take place in a room above a pub but as we wind down after class everyone is welcome to snacks or the delicious food at the Oxford Tavern and/or opt for soft drinks to quench their thirst – there is no expectation on you to drink alcohol
  • And if we do happen to have missed something you need, please email

Safeguarding – ChildrenĀ 

Camden Shorinji Kempo does not have online safeguarding policies in place for children under the age of 18. This means that we cannot allow children under the age of 18 to attend our online classes.

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