Try An Exciting Martial Arts Class In Camden London, Learn Self Defence, Get Fit And Earn A Black Belt

You are always welcome at Camden Shorinji Kempo!

Our classes balance fitness training, self-defense techniques, and meditation practices. Not only will you leave feeling fitter – but we will also help you to practice mindfulness and introduce you to a brilliant new community of incredible people across London, the UK, and the world.

All you need to bring is a bottle of water, some comfortable gym clothes, and an open mind.

You can try our in-person class as a one off. Or why not try our classes for a whole month at a discounted rate. Just grab a ticket from Outsavvy.

Holborn House Community Centre, has a lovely spacious sprung-floored sports hall, locker rooms & showers at our disposal. This excellent venue is also wheelchair accessible. Situated near the Holborn & Chancery train stations, we train here on Sunday at 5.30 pm.

Academy Mews Dance Academy in Camden is where we benefit from their studios situated near the Camden Town station, and we train here on a Tuesday.

For new people, our ticket prices include one month’s insurance across all Shorinji Kempo Clubs in the UK.

Ready to give it a go? Go ahead and book a class…

DayTime Location 
Sunday5:30 pmHolborn House Community Centre
Tuesday7 pm Camden Dance Academy
Thursday7pm Find us at the SOAS Club